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This project is a tool which runs on a Java platform to extract data from the BMC Software MAINVIEW monitoring products and store it in a file or database on or off of the mainframe. This is intended to facilitate user reporting.

It uses the BMC MAINVIEW Network View-Based API to connect to the same server as MAINVIEW Explorer. The user configures the DataServer to monitor certain views and to periodically store some of their fields. Output can go to any ODBC connected database, to a file, or to another location as specified in a user-editable script.

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Support Forums

As an open source project, the MAINVIEW Data Server is not supported through BMC Software. Expert help is available from the authors and other users by posting your questions in one of the two support forums:

Community Support for help with specific problems for which you need a solution.

Open Discussion for suggestions, comments, or questions about other aspects of the project.

PLEASE! when posting a question, make the subject line as descriptive as possible. More people will read a post called "Resizing the request viewer" than one with the subject of "Please help me."

More Documentation

There is a growing set of documentation in the Data Server Wiki. There you will find answers to frequently asked questions as well as information contributed by the other members of the user community. If you discover something of interest, you can add it to the wiki. The wiki also contains a copy of the English language help documentation from the program.

There is a BMC PowerPoint presentation on the Data Server available :

Getting Started

Guide with Sample Files

Downloaded and unzip for a getting started guide, and files to go with it, including a Microsoft Access® database with sample reports using MAINVIEW for CICS, MAINVIEW for DB2 and MAINVIEW for z/OS.

Video Tutorial

This tutorial is divided into four parts:

  1. Installation - How to download the DataServer from the web and install it on a Windows system.
  2. Host Server - How to connect the DataServer to a mainframe via its MAINVIEW Explorer port.
  3. Requests - How to create a MicroSoft Access database and start recording data from the mainframe.
  4. Export/Import - How to take existing requests and apply them to another system.